Mar 31, 2017

How To Fix Feed Error: Feed exceeds 512KB size limit

In this post i will be sharing with you the best method you can use to fix the feed error that says: "Feed exceeds 512KB size limit" thereby making it difficult for to keep automating / sharing your feeds(blog posts) to all your social medias when ever you make new posts on your blog. If you are having this kind of experience right now or you have had a similar experience in the past and was unable to fix the error which made you to stop using, rejoice because this post is going to bring an end to that error so you can continue to sharing your blog posts automatically to all your social medias. See screenshot below:

How to fix feed error:feed exceeds 512kb size

When ever you receive this error "Feed exceeds 512KB size limit" from your, it simply means that your blog feed is too big to be published by free version. The reason for this error is simply because the free version of was configured to accept only blog feed(s) that is not more than 512KB.

How To Fix "Feed Exceeds 512KB Size Limit" Error:
In other to fix the "Feed exceeds 512KB Size Limit" error, you need to reduce the size of the feed (that is, if you want to use free account), thats why we need to use FEED BURNER for it.

Step 1. Go to feedburner page (if your already signed into your gmail account, otherwise login using your gmail account).

Step 2. On the MyFeed page, type your blog feed url (VERY IMPORTANT, type it like this: then, click on "Next button" as shown in the the screenshot below:

Step 3. On the "Welcome! Let us burn a feed for you" page, you will see a new feed address. Copy the new feed address or you can choose to modify that feed name to suite your choice of feed name and then Click on the "Next button" to continue.

Step 4. On the "Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live. Want to dress it up a little?" page you will see your new Feed URL located were the arrow is pointing. Copy the URL then click on the "Next button".

Step 5. On the next page click on / check the two buttons as directed by the two arrows head in the image below and then click on the "Next button"

Step 6 After clicking on the "Next button", you will be redirected to the feedburner main page. That shows you are done fixing the "Feed exceeds 512KB size limit". 

Now, you need to go back to page to search for the new feed which you just created in other to conform if the error is fixed or not.

If it is fixed, finally your blog posts, should now be automatically posted on your social media accounts.

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