Apr 19, 2017

How To Submit Blogspot Static Pages Sitemap To Google For Srearch Engine Ranking

Still on blogger sitemap submission. You can also submit your blogger static page sitemap if you really want your static pages like; about us, contact us, advertise, terms and  privacy policy to show up on google search results.

In my previous article, "How to submit Blogger sitemap to Google search console", there, you will understand how important it is for you to submit the sitemap (XML file) of your blogger blog in order to have a better indexing and crawling of your blog posts.

Sitemap submission is divided into two: 
1.  For Posts (Articles).
2.  For Static Pages.

In the previous article, we covered the Posts (Articles) sitemap submission in which the sitemap does not contain links of your static pages but here, i will be showing you how to submit the sitemap of your blogger static pages.

Examples of your blogger static pages include:
==> About Us
==> Contact Us
==> Privacy Policy
==> Affiliate Disclosure or ANY page you create.

As a matter of fact, submitting static pages are not so important to index on google search console, except if you are the type who sometimes publishes valuable contents using "Static Pages" other than "Posts", then submitting a sitemap for your static pages in Google search console becomes important.

How can you access your Sitemap for Static Pages?
As you might already know, we create atom.xml sitemap for our blog posts, but in the case of Static pages, Google has already created the sitemap which can be access by adding sitemap-pages.xml at the end of your blog address.

For example:

For Default Blogspot Domains:


For Custom Domains:

Replace YourBlog with your domain name.

Submitting Blogger Static Pages Sitemap in Google Search Console

As the sitemap for static pages has already been created, we just need to submit it to Google search console so that the search bots can find them and index them.

Follow the steps below to get it done.

1. Go To Google Search Console (aka as Google webmaster tools)
2. Choose your blog from the list provided
3. Choose Crawl > Sitemaps from the left sidebar menu

4. Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP button towards yours top-right side

Insert sitemap-pages.xml inside the text field.
Hit "Submit" button and you are all done!
This method is applied to other search engines like Bing/Yahoo and Yandex etc.

Select Which Pages You Want To Index in Google

You can always decide which static page you want to get indexed in Search engines.

By default, each page will get indexed. But in case if you want to protect any page from getting indexed, you need to do some settings.

Please share your views with us on the effects of adding the sitemap and let me know in the comments if you need any help in submitting your blog sitemap.

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Apr 17, 2017

Seach Engine Ranking: How To Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

After setting up your blog, one sure thing you must do is to submit your blogger sitemap or blogspot sitemap to google so as to enable google display your site in their search engine results whenever someone searches for keywords related to any article in your blog. 

As a matter of fact, google search result helps your blog drive more traffic. Showing your website(blog) in google search result is free.  All you need to do is to follow my steps bellow to enable you submit your blog to google for greater SEO results. 

To achieve this, you will use Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) which is a free tool offered by google that enables site or blog owners to submit their website(blog) to google for Google search results (index or crawl your website). This tool also helps you to improve the crawling rate of your blog.

To start this process, you need to first of all:

1. Verify that you're the owner of the website in Google Search Console.

To Do That, Read This: How To Verify Your Site Ownership In Google Webmaster Tools

2. Submit your blog/website sitemap to search console.

This post, will be guiding you through a step by step method on how to submit a website sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Before we start, we will want to let you understand what a sitemap is, and why it is important for you to submit the sitemap of your blog.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is simply a map of your website(blog).

If you don't submit the sitemap of your website(blog), Google crawlers will not include your blog when it is going around the web indexing new web pages in its database, this is why new blogs are usually not ranking early on google search results.
A sitemap is either an XML or HTML file that contains all the URLs of the pages inside your blog.

While HTML sitemap helps your visitors to navigate through your blog, an XML sitemap helps the search engine crawlers the same way.

When you submit an XML sitemap to Google Webmasters, it helps search engine crawlers to find all the URLs on your website and add it to their database.

There are various parts of a sitemap that affect the crawling rate of your blog, such as the size of your sitemap, the number of URLs in your sitemap, indexing priority of pages on your blog, updating frequency, etc.

Now that you know about sitemap and its importance, let’s move on to the further steps.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

Below is the complete process you have to follow in other to submit your blogspot blog sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools.

Submitting sitemap for blog posts
Step 1: Sign in to your Google Webmasters Account.
Step 2: Select the desired blog you wish to submit its sitemap.
Step 3: At the left side of the page, click on Sitemaps under Crawl section.

Step 4: Now, at the top-right corner of the page, click on Add/Test Sitemap button.

Step 5: Add the below code in the provided text field.


The above code, represents the sitemap code for your blogger blog that you need to add.

Step 6: Press "Submit Sitemap" button.
Step 7: Refresh the page.

Congratulation! You have succeeded in submitting your blogger blog sitemap.

Note: The above sitemap will work for 500 posts or less only. If you have more than 500 posts published on your blog, then you have to add one more sitemap. Without changing any of the above procedures, you will only have to add the code below and it is done for more than 500 posts to 1000 posts.


If you followed my steps above, congratulations for you have succeeded in submitting your blog site map. 

Read Also:How To Submit Blogspot Static Pages Sitemap To Google For Srearch Engine Ranking

Let us know how submitting sitemap to Google webmasters affected your website.

Please share your views using the comment box below on the effects of submitting your sitemap and let me know if you need any help in submitting your blog sitemap.

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Apr 10, 2017

Blogspot Method Of Verifying Blog Ownership Through Google Webmaster Tools

In all the early stages of SEO for a new blogger blog verifying blog ownership using Google blog ownership verification is one of the first steps that you must take seriously so as to index your blog to Google search result as fast as possible. 

After creating your new blogger blog(either you are a newbie or professional), one of the things you need to do so that your blog ranks on Google search results as fast as possible is to verify ownership of the blog through google webmasters tool, which is a way of letting Google know about your new blog.

verify blogger blog ownership, site verification, google webmasters tool

As you know Google search engine is the most and well used in the internet followed by other such as  Yahoo, Bing, and others.

In this post, i will be showing you a step by step method of verifying your blogspot blog. 

Step By Step Method Of Verifying Your Blogspot Blog Through Google Webmaster Tools

Step 1
Sign in into Google Webmaster Tools  (With your Gmail account you used to create your blog)

Step 2
On the new window that opens, click on "ADD A PROPERTY" button were the arrow is pointing as shown in the image below.

Step 3
After clicking on it, you will find a box asking you to enter your blogger blog address as shown in the image below.

After writing your blogger blog address, click on the "Add" button.

Step 4
You will be asked to verify your blog ownership which is for you to prove that you own the blog. Here, you will be offered two methods of verification to choose one which are "Recommended Methods" and "Alternate Methods".

I advise you go for the Alternate Method.

Step 5
Using the Alternate method, involves you inserting a html code into your blogger template, at the head tag. The code normally look like this code below:

<meta name="google-site-verification" content="zuZpoNI6Ov60_ygYJYmvlkJQGc3ssoRIL6Y8-GsGert"/>

Step 6
Login to your Blogger dashboard, click on "Theme" and then "Edit HTML" as shown in the image below 
Step 7
Locate the <head> tag, Then, copy and paste the above code immediately after it as shown in the image below. 

Step 8
Check the Google Webmaster tools and confirm the verification.

You can use the comment section below to ask any question, if you need more clarifications. I will answer them asap.

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Apr 3, 2017

Free Android Video Editors: 8 Best Recommended Ones For Your Smartphones-2017

Below i will be sharing with you the latest recommended free android video editing softwares. If you are on the look for the best free video editors for your Android smartphones, then, worry no more for below are our top 8 free android video editing softwares recommended for your use. We have tried and confirm that they are worth installing because they served the functions they are meant to serve. Try any of them, and you will also come to appreciate them.



This is a very powerful video editor application that can help you edit your videos with much fun without placing a time limit on your clip. With FilmoraGo, making a video with music and effects is just one of the easy tasks you can think of. Surprise your friends with sensational movie effects created from your videos and photos, Add music from FilmoraGo’s library of licensed songs, Slow down & Speed up.Create Multiple Fast or Slow Motions in the Same Video, add classic transitions such as Dissolve, Wipe, Split, Shutter and Zoom out to combine multiple pictures and videos seamlessly and then share your final work to your friends on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp. Click HERE to download.


This Video Editor app comes with sleek timeline editing interface, allows you to add videos to your timeline. It has Video editor effects & powerful, professional tools, Experience a smooth, powerful new movie maker, FX editing with drag & drop controls for video, images & audio, Video Editor – Add effects with a quick tap, Audio Editor – Change your video’s music & add fading effects/voice over. Combine picture and video in one movie. Save your final project with any of these formats H.263 (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), H.264 AVC (.3GP, .MP4, .MKV), MPEG-4 SP (.3GP, MP4, MKV), VP8 (.MKV). Click HERE to download.


Helps to create professional-looking video stories within a few taps. Choose from hundreds of user-friendly special effects that range from stickers and filters to animated clips and subtitles to transform everyday moments into works of art. Share within your network and let the world discover you. Turn your photos into movie and slideshow masterpieces with just a few clicks. A new music library that features, even more, built-in background music Import your favorite songs to make the perfect slideshow and enhance your videos with 200+ special effects including Animated. Merge clips into one story with a versatile range of collage templates.

Click HERE to download.


AndroVid makes it very simple to edit your videos right from your phone without having to use laptop or PC. With this app on your phone, you can easily edit any video by using many of the available functions. The app has many features that you can use. Merge multiple video clips into one video, trim your videos to remove unwanted parts adjust video and music volumes, Convert videos to other formats, change the resolution to make your videos smaller, Enhance your video. Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, Apply video effects like fading, slow motion, sepia, vignette, vintage, and Convert your video files to MP3 audio files and much more. Click HERE to download.


VideoShow is another best video editor& movie maker app with millions of users all over the world. Create an awesome video integrated with photos & videos from your gallery. No watermark!, No ads!, Support exporting 1080p video, Support 4k video and much more. Beautify your videos with plenty of Texts, FX Effects, Stickers, Multi Music, and Filters. More than 50+ elaborate themes provided to generate a characteristic video instantly, such as Love, Birthday, Life, Friends, etc. Apply various text styles and fonts for subtitles and Compress to reduce your video size. Click HERE to download.


Action Director is the only video editing app you need to record video, edit videos, apply video effects and share with friends. Create video from the app, with a helpful movie editing tutorial guiding you as you add action movie effects and edits.  Record the next viral video or action movie hit with ActionDirector! Edit and crop videos, add music to video to create your own soundtrack, and highlight video projects you’re proud of on social networks and messaging apps! Effects for videos are built-in, so you can make every video look professional. Click HERE to download.


The last and final editor on our lists is Flipagram. This editor is awesome! It allows you to make amazing videos and photo video slideshows with free popular music to wow your friends! Turn all your selfies and snaps into one video with your favorite song using flipagram editor.  Get the app & become famous with fun challenges for every talent – like dance, beauty, art, comedy, music, animals and more. If you are looking for a – Fast, simple video editor to combine photos, videos, effects, and music, then this app is your number one go. Click HERE to download.


This app gives you the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing music videos, slideshows, and stories with your photos, videos, and free licensed music. With Video Maker, you can edit videos with creative effects and filters, Discover exciting new music and artists. Save videos privately so only you can see them. Share videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, Message, Youtube and other social media networks.

This app gives you the easiest way to create, edit and share amazing music videos, slideshows, and stories with your photos, videos, and free licensed music. With Video Maker, you can edit videos with creative effects and filters, Discover exciting new music and artists. Save videos privately so only you can see them. Share videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, Message, Youtube and other social media networks. Click HERE to download.

Do not forget to share, like and comment in case you have any query.
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How to remove old site url's from Google search engine cache

Are you an admin of a site and you are noticing that your outdated blog URL's or pages are still visible on google search results, this post will show you how you can manually remove them from showing up on google search results using Remove URL / Hide URL option in google webmasters tool dashboard. 

Ways To Remove Outdated / Edited Blog URL's Or Pages From Google Search Results:

Method 1. Using Google tool for Removal of Outdated url:

Visit this link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals and input your website outdated URL in the google tool and click "REQUEST REMOVAL" as shown on the screenshot below and the you are done. The request will be pending and google will remove it after sometime and it will stop showing up on google's search results. 

Method 2. 
Step 2. Click on the site you would want to remove old URL from
Step 3.Click to "Google Index" section at the left side of the dashboard
Step 4. Click to "Remove URLs"
Step 5. Click to "Temperarilly Hide"  
Step 6. Add Internal page URL (without main domain or Add domain name, either of the two)
Step 7. Click "Continue"
Google will process your request and remove the indexed webpages after a while.

See screenshot below:

Also Read: How To Fix dlvr.it Feed Error: Feed exceeds 512KB size limit

You can use the comments section below to ask any question, if you need more clarifications. I will answer them asap.

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Profitable Recommended Blogging Niche for Upcoming Bloggers

Most times choosing a blogging Niche(Topic) before you even start a free blog is always a big challenge to some newbies. If you have ever found yourself in this state, this post will help you choose a profitable blog niche and grow from it. Here, i will be revealing some of the most profitable blog niche(topic) you can start your blog with and within a period of few months you will start making profit from your blogging career, if you take it seriously.

Profitable Blog Niche(Topics) To Choose From:

==> Health
==> Fashion
==> Celebrity
==> Education
==> Lifestyle
==> Sports
==> Technology

There are various sub-topics under those topics mentioned above that are still un-competitive. So, you can make it fast if you explore more on these topics.

How To Choose A Good Topic To Blog On:

The best way to choose a good blogging topic is through the use of your common senses. below are the four cardinal features that will guide you in doing so;

1. Look for topic(s) that have lots of searches in Google
2. Look for topic(s) that have physical products you can promote or sell
3. Look for topic(s) that have less competition
4. Look for topic (s) that you fully understand, love and can write original articles on them

If can be able to this, your difficulties in making your niche choice is reduced. Because, with the above considerations, you will be able to come up with a killer blogging topic idea and that will become your blogging niche.

NOTE: Your Ability to choose a good blogging niche determines your success rate in blogging.

After Choosing Your Blogging Niche And Creating Your Free Blog, What Follows?

How to create articles for your log:

This is the most important aspect of your blogging success. Take it as an advice  coming from me at this time, if you really want to make money online from blogging without any investment.

Writing original blog posts(articles), is based on your full understanding and passion for the Niche(Topic) that you have choose from. with that, you will be able to create original articles without referring to any external source(s).

Why Is Original Article Important?

If you are just starting your new blog, you may need to make money from it with Google AdSense.

Sure, you might have heard that it’s not easy to get Google AdSense account. Yes! It’s not easy. Google AdSense team need original and well resourced articles before they will approve your account. So, there is no joke if you are just starting a new blog. You may have to start well with original articles so as to get the approval and start making from the blog.

How to Make Money from your Blog:

So far so good, you can see that you can actually create a blog for free. With this free blog, you can make money online without any investment. There are various ways you can make money from your new blog. But make sure you grow it to the level it can actually make you money. Though,  it takes a while to grow a free blog.

As a matter of fact, blogging is not a get rich quick game. Blogging is a business and you need to build it up by taking it very seriously. Sure, with good effort, it will bear you good fruits in the near future.

If you have really followed my points above, by choosing a good topic and publishing original blog post(s) from the beginning of your blogging career, just with that, you will have many options to make money from your blog without any investment.

Ways Of Making Money From Your Blog:

1. Google AdSense: You can make serious money from Google AdSense and its very good source of income to new bloggers.

2.  Affiliate Marketing: based on your blog topic, you can promote products or services that are related to your blogging niche. When ever your readers buy from your link, you are paid a commission.

3. Sell Your Own Products: Also, based on your blogging topic, you can decide to create a product and sell them directly to your readers. Here you keep 100% of the sales and the profit. You can also sell various information products to many people who need them.

4. Start a membership blog: If your blog is very valuable, you can create a paid membership section where people pay you to become members of your blog.
These are just few ways you can make money from your blog. I will be revealing more of them to you in due course. In fact, that’s the essence of this training.

You can use the comments section below to ask any question, if you need more clarifications. I will answer them asap.

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Apr 2, 2017

RSS Feed: How To Setup Feedburner RSS Feed For Your Blog

Without wasting your time, i will be showing you in this post "How You Can Setup Feedburner RSS Feed For Your Website(Blog)". Before i start, let me use the below paragraph to explain a bit of what RSS Feed and Feedburner.

What is Feed Feedburner and RSS Feed?

Feedburner: is a free web service designed by google which enables bloggers and podcasters to easily activate / manage the subscription of their blog readers so that when ever the blog is updated with a new information, feedburner automatically receives the update and helps to wire it directly to the blog subscriber's email even when they have not visited the blog for a long time.  

In the other hand, it helps website (blog) owners to keep track of number of readers that are subscribed to their blog, number of clicks received by each blog post etc.

RSS Feed Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication”: This is a technology integrated into feedburner, and when activated into a website (blog) it helps to grab the website(blog) content, summarizes it and gets it ready for feedburner to publish. 

How It Works:

Feedburner normally collects the regular RSS feed which your blog creates (website(blog) creates this automatically most of the time) and grabs it, gives it a new address, tracks anyone who subscribed to that address, and sends the summary to them. However, if you want to make it more obvious and easier for readers to subscribe using RSS, or want to know exactly how many people subscribed to your blog  then the best option is to add a Feedburner RSS feed and email subscription to your blog.

Setting Up Your Feedburner Feed:

Step 1.  Go to Feedburner and sign in to Feedburner with your Google Account (create a Google Account first if you don’t have one!).

Step 2.  Add your Blog URL to the Burn a Feed Right This Instant and click Next

Step 3.  Leave Atom source feed selected and click Next as shown below.

Step 4.  On “Welcome” page, make sure you are happy with the title and FeedBurner address (URI) of your new feed or you can choose to edit the name and feed address, then click Next.

Step 5.  On the Congrats! page, click Next.

Step 6.  On the stats configuration page select Clickthroughs and I want more! and then click Next.

Congrats! you done setting up your feedbuner account.

You can use the comment box below to share you experience or let us know if you have any challenge with this method. If the article was helpful, kindly share (sharing is caring!)

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