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How To Submit Blogspot Static Pages Sitemap To Google For Srearch Engine Ranking

Still on blogger sitemap submission. You can also submit your blogger static page sitemap if you really want your static pages like; about us, contact us, advertise, terms and  privacy policy to show up on google search results.

In my previous article, "How to submit Blogger sitemap to Google search console", there, you will understand how important it is for you to submit the sitemap (XML file) of your blogger blog in order to have a better indexing and crawling of your blog posts.
Sitemap submission is divided into two:  1.  For Posts (Articles). 2.  For Static Pages.
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In the previous article, we covered the Posts (Articles) sitemap submission in which the sitemap does not contain links of your static pages but here, i will be showing you how to submit the sitemap of your blogger static pages.
Examples of your blogger static pages include: ==> About Us ==> Contact Us ==> Privacy Policy ==> Affilia…

Seach Engine Ranking: How To Submit Your Blogspot Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

After setting up your blog, one sure thing you must do is to submit your blogger sitemap or blogspot sitemap to google so as to enable google display your site in their search engine results whenever someone searches for keywords related to any article in your blog. 

As a matter of fact, google search result helps your blog drive more traffic. Showing your website(blog) in google search result is free.  All you need to do is to follow my steps bellow to enable you submit your blog to google for greater SEO results. 
To achieve this, you will use Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) which is a free tool offered by google that enables site or blog owners to submit their website(blog) to google for Google search results (index or crawl your website). This tool also helps you to improve the crawling rate of your blog.
To start this process, you need to first of all:

1. Verify that you're the owner of the website in Google Search Console.

To Do That, Read This: H…

Blogspot Method Of Verifying Blog Ownership Through Google Webmaster Tools

In all the early stages of SEO for a new blogger blog verifying blog ownership usingGoogle blog ownership verification is one of the first steps that you must take seriously so as to index your blog to Google search result as fast as possible. 

After creating your new blogger blog(either you are a newbie or professional), one of the things you need to do so that your blog ranks on Google search results as fast as possible is to verify ownership of the blog through google webmasters tool, which is a way of letting Google know about your new blog.

As you know Google search engine is the most and well used in the internet followed by other such as  Yahoo, Bing, and others.
In this post, i will be showing you a step by step method of verifying your blogspot blog. 

Step By Step Method Of Verifying Your Blogspot Blog Through Google Webmaster Tools
Step 1 Sign in into Google Webmaster Tools  (With your Gmail account you used to create your blog)
Step 2 On the new window that opens, click on "AD…

Free Android Video Editors: 8 Best Recommended Ones For Your Smartphones-2017

Below i will be sharing with you the latest recommended free android video editing softwares. If you are on the look for the best free video editors for your Android smartphones, then, worry no more for below are our top 8 free android video editing softwares recommended for your use. We have tried and confirm that they are worth installing because they served the functions they are meant to serve. Try any of them, and you will also come to appreciate them.
This is a very powerful video editor application that can help you edit your videos with much fun without placing a time limit on your clip. With FilmoraGo, making a video with music and effects is just one of the easy tasks you can think of. Surprise your friends with sensational movie effects created from your videos and photos, Add music from FilmoraGo’s library of licensed songs, Slow down & Speed up.Create Multiple Fast or Slow Motions in the Same Video, add c…

How to remove old site url's from Google search engine cache

Are you an admin of a site and you are noticing that your outdated blog URL's or pages are still visible on google search results, this post will show you how you can manually remove them from showing up on google search results using Remove URL / Hide URL option in google webmasters tool dashboard. 
Ways To Remove Outdated / Edited Blog URL's Or Pages From Google Search Results:Method 1.Using Google tool for Removal of Outdated url:
Visit this link and input your website outdated URL in the google tool and click "REQUEST REMOVAL" as shown on the screenshot below and the you are done. The request will be pending and google will remove it after sometime and it will stop showing up on google's search results. 

Method 2.  Step 1. Visit this link Step 2. Click on the site you would want to remove old URL from Step 3.Click to "Google Index" section at the left side …

Profitable Recommended Blogging Niche for Upcoming Bloggers

Most times choosing a blogging Niche(Topic) before you even start a free blog is always a big challenge to some newbies. If you have ever found yourself in this state, this post will help you choose a profitable blog niche and grow from it. Here, i will be revealing some of the most profitable blog niche(topic) you can start your blog with and within a period of few months you will start making profit from your blogging career, if you take it seriously.

Profitable Blog Niche(Topics) To Choose From: ==> Health ==> Fashion ==> Celebrity ==> Education ==> Lifestyle ==> Sports ==> Technology

There are various sub-topics under those topics mentioned above that are still un-competitive. So, you can make it fast if you explore more on these topics.
How To Choose A Good Topic To Blog On:The best way to choose a good blogging topic is through the use of your common senses. below are the four cardinal features that will guide you in doing so;
1. Look for topic(s) that have lots of sea…

RSS Feed: How To Setup Feedburner RSS Feed For Your Blog

Without wasting your time, i will be showing you in this post "How You Can Setup Feedburner RSS Feed For Your Website(Blog)". Before i start, let me use the below paragraph to explain a bit of what RSS Feed and Feedburner.

What is Feed Feedburner and RSS Feed? Feedburner: is a free web service designed by google which enables bloggers and podcasters to easily activate / manage the subscription of their blog readers so that when ever the blog is updated with a new information, feedburner automatically receives the update and helps to wire it directly to the blog subscriber's email even when they have not visited the blog for a long time.  
In the other hand, it helps website (blog) owners to keep track of number of readers that are subscribed to their blog, number of clicks received by each blog post etc.
RSS FeedRich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication”: This is a technology integrated into feedburner, and when activated into a website (blog) it helps to grab the webs…