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How To Create, Delete or Change Blogger Labels

Creating, deleting or editing Lebels in Blogger helps in maintaining and organizing blogging topic structure or categories. In other to maintain a user-friendly blog, you must always keep your blog topics organized by creating and assigning lebels to every blog post you make. 
Setting up your blogging topics in categories called lebels in blogger makes it easy for users to navigate within your blog and find article(s) they want based on the topic of their choice and also help users to discover similar titles on your blog. Managing Labels in Blogger isn't as easy or straightforward as in WordPress where it is seen as categories

One of the benefits of adding keyword phrases to each post as lebel is to enable google crawlers properly index your contents or posts and faster for better google search result(s). For this reason, it is advised that you do a double check on your blog post(s) lebels to find out if there are some labels with incorrect spellings, or that you want to eliminate…

Free images for your blog approved for google adsence application using google advanced image search

Today, i will be tutoring you on how to use Google advanced image search to get free images and pictures for your blog posts so you can easily get approval from google when you apply for adsence. With the help of google advanced image search, you can find images available for personal and commercial use. These images that am talking about, are not copyrighted and are free to use, share or modify. 
If you are a blogger longing for google adsence approval but uses images downloaded from normal google image search otherwise known as google organic image search, mind you, you will hardly get approval for adsence. This is because, most of those images are all copyrighted images and cannot be used for displays in blogs without credit to the original owner or creator of the content or image. As a matter of fact, Google hate it when you infringe on copyrights or intellectual properties without linking back or giving credit to the source of your information.
This post is to help you know what yo…