Jul 26, 2017

Fix Blogger Number of Posts on Main Page Error

This post will help you to fix the error of (or wrong) total "Number of posts on main page" of your blogger blog. If you have encountered this problem or you are encountering the problem where, after making a new blog post, you notice that the total number of posts that is suppose to display in your blogger main page got reduced, here comes the solution to that problem.

Fix Blogger Number of Posts on Main Page Error

For example, your main page total number of posts is suppose to show 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 posts based on your own configuration and it turns out appearing on the main page or home page of your blog just 5,4,3 or maybe a little more than we should expect as shown in the image below

Follow the screenshot below to check your blogger configured main page number of posts:
Fix Blogger Number of Posts on Main Page Error

Fix Blogger Number of Posts on Main Page Error

I know when this happened, you found yourself being confused and restless trying to figure out the cause of the problem and knowing fully well that, the main page is the first page of your blog that is seen by visitors when ever the come through the main blog url.

Well, before we go into solving the problem, it will be nice i let you know the cause of the problem so that you now know how to go about solving it.

Main Cause Of Problem

The problem happened because of a misunderstanding between the automatic readmore code of blogger system and the custom readmore javascript code added in the blogger template for the display of posts style with thumbnails summary fragment that makes posts to look more attractive, effective and well arrange.

When you make the blogger system to automatically create a thumbnail readmore summary for blog posts / articles by adding a custom readmore javascript code, you will no longer need to give a page break to cut or make readmore when you write new blog posts / articles, because that will  be automatically managed by the custom readmore javascript code function that have been added. As a matter of fact, the blogger system itself does not recognize the systems optimization by the custom readmore javascript code for added for automatic thumbnail readmore summary.

Based on the above reason, it is right for you to know that the Blogger system automatically has a limitation for number of images per post when displaying the number of articles on the main blogger page, of course the intention was for the blog main page not to be over loaded or heavy. When you don't create a page break / jump break, the blogger system will by default, consider the article(s) entirely displayed on the main page if you can remember  the early displays of your blog posts.

Now the major cause of the problem is, when you make a new post for publication and in the post, you include many pictures(images) ranging from 6,7,8..., above the pre-configured blogger main page number of posts, then, automatically the post articles on your main page will be affected based on the blogger system image limitation. Because of this, the blogger system will be unable to manage the main page number of  posts in the blog.

Hope you now know the cause of the problem? 

Now, without wasting much of your time, let me quickly guide you through the process of fixing this problem.


In order to fix the problem, you need to create a jump break below the first image in that post that is causing the problem. To do this, simply follow the direction of the screenshot below.

==> Click  "Edit" to edit the post and in the post, locate the first image and

==> Click and place your cursor under the image
==> Click on "Insert Jump Break" 
==> Click on "Publish"
Fix Blogger Number of Posts on Main Page Error
To avoid such problem occurring in the future, make sure you always insert  jump break every time you make a post that contains large images that is more than the blogger configured main page number of posts., say, 6, 7, 8, 9... images. After applying this method, your blogger main page number of posts will now display the way you want it to be displayed.

Fix Blogger Number of Posts on Main Page Error

Note: This will only happen if you added the custom readmore javascript code in your blogger template for the display of posts style with thumbnails summary that makes posts look more attractive, effective and well arrange.

By default, giving a page break in a blogger post will display a summary of the post with a readmore button on the page​​. If have already added the javascript code for readmore button, you will notice that there will be an appearance of two readmore buttons on your main blogger page, one for blogger readmore button and the other for the custom javescript auto readmore button you have added. 

To avoid this last problem from occurring, do this:

Method (Delete Blogger Jump Break Code From Your  Blog):

==> Go to Blogger > Design > Edit HTML
==> Backup your template.
==> Click the "Expand widget Templates" Box
==> Search for the code below and delet it.

<b:if cond='data:post.hasJumpLink'>

    5.   and just below it find and delete this code,
<b:if cond='data:post.hasJumpLink'> 
<div class='jump-link'> 
<a expr:href='data:post.url + "#more"'><data:post.jumpText/></a> 
</b:if >
==>  Save your template and you are done!

Method 2:(Hide Blogger Jump Break Code From Your  Blog):

==> Go To Blogger Dashboard
==> Click on Theme
==> Now Click On Edit HTML>>Proceed
==> Find ]]></b:skin>
==> Paste Below Code Above ]]></b:skin>



==> Save your Template and You are done!

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