Jul 5, 2017

How To Open A Free Payoneer Master Card Account and Receive it In Nigeria

To open a payoneer account and get it shipped to you in Nigeria and other parts of the world outside the US is not a difficult task. It goes in the same way you can open any user account on any website online. I once shared a post: Payoneer the best paypal alternative and in that post i was able to explain exhaustibly how the company was founded, their services and many more you need to know about them. With payoneer, Nigerian bloggers, freelancers and others can receive their foreign payments right here in Nigeria without much process or problems, unlike paypal.

payoneer card

The payoneer services allows you to receive payments in dollars or even pounds, its like you having a US or UK bank account. Then the Payoneer Card serves as  your ATM.

In getting your own payoneer card, the whole process is quite an easy one.

First of all sign-up for a user account at Payoneer.com. Just wait a while till your account is approved, once it is approved. Your payoneer card will be shipped to your home address in which you can then use the card to withdraw your online earnings.

I heard testimonies from friends that have applied and signed up and received their cards within 3 - 4 weeks from the day they were approved. And this means that it should take at least 1 month before the payoneer card will arrive at you door step.

How To Apply For The Payoneer Card Here In Nigeria

1. Visit the Payoneer Link via  payoneer.com and sign-up, the sign-up is free

2. Fill in all required details asked, such as your name, address and other stuffs correctly.

3. Also set a very strong password, security questions and upload your desired Identification information, ID required.

4. Enter your desired shipping address, where you want the card to be delivered at, it could be your home address.

5. Finally you can now click on the ORDER button

6. Wait a while until your application is approved; Approval should not take more than 2 weeks maximum.

Immediately your application is approved, an email notification will be sent to you containing information on when and how the card will be delivered.

What is left? Its time to wait while the card is shipped to your address,  which should be in a maximum of 1 month (all logistics being put in place).

Immediately the Card is delivered to you, login to the Payoneer website, to activate the card.

After activation, the card is now ready to use which means that you can now send and receive payments with it.
How To Fund Your Payoneer Account
Your payoneer account can be funded in different ways, you can ask a user to transfer money to you, by telling the user your card details.

Also you can fund it by linking it with a PayPal account and transferring funds into it.

Hope this post help you. 

Kindly lets us know your experience with payoneer through the comment box below.

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