Jul 17, 2017

How To Place Ad Banner Below Blogger Top Nav Pages Desktop View

In this post, i will be guiding you through a process you can use to place an ad banner below blogger top navigation pages for desktop view. This trick will enable you to display even more than two ad banners below the pages. The banner can be Google adsense ad, an affiliate program banner or a personal advert banner you can use to promote your products and services. 

The Screen short for a single ad banner:

The Screen short for double ad banner:

To get started, sign in to your Blogger account via www.blogger.com
==>  Go to your blog dashboard,click on "Theme".  
==> Go to "Edit HTML"

==>Use CTRL F to find  below
<div class='main-outer'>

Then, right above the code, copy and past this code

    <div class='fauxborder-left header ads-fauxborder-left'>
    <div class='fauxborder-right header ads-fauxborder-right'/>
    <div class='region-inner header ads-inner'>
<div style='clear:both;'/>
<div align='center'>
<div style='clear:both;'/>
<b:section class='header' id='header ads' name='Header Ads' showaddelement='yes'/></div>
    <div class='header-cap-bottom cap-bottom'>
      <div class='cap-left'/>
      <div class='cap-right'/>

==> Click "Save Template"

==> Go to "Layout' and will now see a new widget titled "Header Ads" that will enable you to add a New Gadget for your advert code as seen in screenshot below.

==> Click the "Add a Gadget", select "HTML/Javascript"

==> Copy and paste your ad code in it and save. 

==> Click "Save arrangement"

Note: This trick may not work for third party Blogger Templates
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