Jul 1, 2017

How To Show Blogger Post Title Before Blog Title In Google Search Results

show post title first in bloggerDisplaying blogger Post title before blog url in google search result plays a wonderful role in driving huge organic traffic to your blog other than default blogger template style that shows page title before post title. 

Today i will be showing you how you can achieve this by simply editing your default blogger template code.

Before i proceed, let me quickly enlighten you on the importance of Post Title before Blog Title In Search Results.

Importance of Post Title Before Page(Blog) Title for Blogger Blog

As a matter of fact, Post title and Page title, both are very important when it comes to search engine optimization. Though, you must know how to use and customize them very well as they appear in search results and as clickable links.

Do you know that by using the default blogger template that shows Page Title before Post Title, you loose tons of visitors daily in your blog?

Why did i say so? Then, read down to know!

Have you ever seen your blog in search results? Then, what comes first; blog title or post title?

If your answer is blog title, you are making a fatal mistake.

Importance of Post Title Before Blog Title:

Post title plays an important role in google search result when it comes first before Blog Title. This is because Google allows only 66 characters in the search result title for every blog post(s). 

Going by this truth, it simply means that if your blog title contains more than 65 characters, then, your post title will not be displayed in the search result rather it will be seen as a broken link. In the other way, if your blog title is less than 66 characters, there is no way google will show the post title completely. Do you now see why i said that you are loose tons of visitors daily in your blog when Blog title comes before Posts title?

The first thing visitors check in search results is the title of the post which either attracts them to click on the link or not. That means your traffic also depends on title. Keyword rich titles can bring you more traffic and increase your blog page views because when someone is searching for a topic, he would like to click on that particular topic which matches his search words and/or interest him/her the most and not your blog title. But if your blog title appears first then, the visitor may skip your site! So, in other to take the proper benefits of attracting more organic visitors to our site, we have to optimize our blog so that post titles shows before blog title in search results.

How To Show Post Title Before Blog Title In Blogger:
Follow the steps below to get it done
Step 1. Go to your Blogger dashboard
Step 2. Click on Theme
Step 3. Click on Edit HTML
show post title before page title in search results

Step 4. Press Ctrl+F, copy and past into the search search box the below code as shown below.


show post title before page title in search results

Once found, replace it with the following code as shown below:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageName == ""'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

show post title before page title is search results

Save your template.

And that’s it, you’re done! After a few days your blog title will appear AFTER (and not before) your post title, the next time it appears in Google’s search results.

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